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Knox County Illinois Soil and Water Conservation District

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Tree Sale

The Knox County SWCD holds annual fish and tree sales each spring and a second fish sale each fall. Contact the office for more information.


2019 Spring Bare-root Tree Seedling Sale

Orders are due March 15, 2019

Order pick up is April 26, 2019 in the USDA parking lot.

If you need a special order at any time of the year, please contact the office.

Thank you for supporting your local SWCD!

*On our Spring order form, the age of the seedlings; the first number is the years a seedling grew in a the seedbed, the second number is the years a seedling grew in a transplant bed. Transplanting allows a seedling to grow a robust root system.

"These plants are for conservation purposes only and shall not be used as ornamentals or for landscaping." Soil and Water Conservation District Act; 405/22.05 pg 14

Spring 2019 Tree Sale Order Form

Conservation Plantings
SHADE Means Energy Conservation
A well placed deciduous tree can provide shade in the heat of the summer when air conditions are going, but allow full advantage of the sun's energy on those bright winter days.
WINDBREAKS for Conservation
Windbreaks can protect your property from winter winds that steal your energy heating dollars, control drifting snow, protect outside work areas and livestock and also provide food, cover and nesting habitat for wildlife.
EROSION CONTROL for Soil Conservation
Keep your soil from washing away! Plantings for bare soil areas, slopes and banks keep soil in its place. Plantings along creeks and streams should utilize a minimum 5-10' buffer zone. Stream corridor plantings will help reduce erosion, filter out pollutants, and improve habitat.
GROUNDWATER Recharge and Protection
Groundwater is the major resource for drinking water in Illinois. Aquifer recharge is critical for replenishing groundwater. Impervious surfaces such as roads and roofs not only increase water runoff, but also impede water's ability to percolate down through the soil to recharge aquifers.
Planting a variety of evergreen, deciduous, and herbaceous plant specides can provide food, cover and nesting habitat for wildlife. Varying your plant species can increase the diversity of birds species on your property.


Repel deer and rabbits! Plantskydd: Animal repellent can be used on crop fields, trees, gardens, flower beds and municipal applications. An animal repellent developed in Sweden, now made in the USA, from 100% natural ingredients. The active ingredient is dried porcine and/or bovine blood--recognized by the EPA as an environmentally safe ingredient and is exempt from EPA federal pesticide registration. Plantskydd lasts up to 6 months over winter on dormant plants and up to 4 months during the active growing season. The Knox County SWCD offers the Plantskydd 1 pound Soluble Powder Concentrate (covering 800-1200 conifers 1 foot high) for $25.00 and the 1 quart Ready-To-Use spray bottle for $18. All products are available year-round at the office and are included on our Spring Tree Sale order form.

Click here to visit Plantskydd Website!

Click here for a video with mixing tips!

Click here for more Plantskydd product and application information.

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