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Knox County Illinois Soil and Water Conservation District

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Rachel and Sammy Books

To educate the children in your life about native prairie plants, the Knox County Soil and Water Conservation District offers four books by local author Jannifer Powelson. “Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie”, “Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest”, "Rachel and Sammy Learn about Trees", and "Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve". All four texts are educational with an entertaining storyline and include photographs taken by the author. Contact the District at (309) 342-5138 ext. 3 for more information.


Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie, Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest, Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees and Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve are the first four books in an educational children’s series by Jannifer Powelson. These books contain entertaining storylines, with cute animal characters teaching each other about plants. Dialog between Rachel Raccoon, Sammy Skunk, and other characters, realistic illustrations, and vivid photographs taken by the author, all combine to turn these fun stories into learning tools to help teach children about nature and plants. These are great books to read inside but are even better to take on a nature hike!

Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie: $12.00
Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest: $10.00 
Rachel and Sammy Learn about Trees: $10.00
Rachel and Sammy Learn to Conserve: $10.00

We have all books in stock in the office and
they are personally signed by the author!



About the Author: Jannifer Powelson, originally from Altona, currently lives in Princeton, Illinois, and has been writing children’s books since 2003. The first book in her series was Rachel and Sammy Visit the Prairie, and the second is the recently released Rachel and Sammy Visit the Forest — A Guide to Spring Woodland Wildflowers. She is starting to write and take photos for her third book,  Rachel and Sammy Learn About Trees. The author conducted research on raccoons to write her master’s thesis and now works as a resource  conservationist at the Stark County Soil and Water Conservation District in Toulon.

Author’s website:

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